This mixtape was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of three weeks at the Brim Dog Studios here in Honolulu, Hawaii. P.O.M.E.R came through all the way from Brooklyn, NYC and delivered dynamic and energetic performances over both new school and classic boom bap beats. Alot oh hard work went into this project so we hope you take a listen and enjoy!

BrewKon is back with the second installment in the “Bad Art” series of beat tapes. Volume 2 features a unique blend of synth based and sample based productions. Click the cover art for a free HQ download of the tape, or check out the embedded SoundCloud links below. Feel free to use any of these instrumentals for your own productions. Enjoy!

Bad Art vol 2 Cover Art

I just heard about these dudes out of NYC and they are definitely doing their thing. This track delivers solid bars and a good dose of hype; I’m feeling it for sure. I think its dope how we’re starting to see the resurgence of the hip hop group because its just more interesting to hear how different flows and vocal tones can come together. Keep your eyes on these dudes, I think they’re starting to bubble and for good reason. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos and cop their mixtape on BandCamp.